diumenge, 3 d’abril de 2016

Frustrated at 20

A young blond woman dressed completely in black attracts my attention at a table beside. She is talking with a friend, load enough that I cannot help not hearing them. She is not happy with her family.
"I am twenty... and I am frustrated already? I mean... what can i expect when I am sixty..."
And a smile crosses my face, felt from the bottom of my 37 years of life. Of course, she is frustrated at twenty. Me too, I was frustrated back then. It is when we are young that we get frustrated with the world around and with what we are. This is why it is mostly young people who try to change the world. You can try to improve things and learn to accept who you are. You can learn to live with what you have been given. Or you can make the victim and wimp for years to a frustrated old age - if suicide does not stop it.

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